Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start Aurora CO

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Briggs & Stratton 1696715 Single Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine and Electric Start, 22″

3 reviews for "Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start Aurora CO"

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    After long debate and research on snow blowers, I concluded that I would go with Briggs and Stration because of good performance from other product. However, this model snowblower leaves little to be desired. After 2- 3 uses winter of 2017, I cleaned up my unit and stored it for the summer. The first use this winter the unit broke down. it Cranks just fine, but when i engaged the auger the unit grined and shut off. The nearest servcie center was 40 miles away. after a few days the service tech called me and said that 3 bolts fell out and had caused the pulley and belt to be shredded. And that it would not be covered under warranty. Mind you this a 36 month warranty and im only half way through it. So i called Briggs and Straton, and they first insulted me by asking if i had it serviced. Well the oil is still clear, and nothing in manual suggest that it needed service. I had no indication that anything was wrong until it shut off. Briggs and stratons said if i wanted to dispute the warranty claim the would need a second opinion, now im pissed. I would need to drive 40 miles pick up the unit, drive another 40 miles in the other direction of my home for a second opinion. Poor customer service, Amazon should discontinue dealing with Briggs and Stration. waiting to hear back from repair shop in there attempt to contact Briggs and straton to explain it is clearly Briggs and Straton warranty issue.

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    I am so impressed with this Briggs Snow Blower… Took 15 minutes to put together and was totally easy… The electric start is amazing and it lit instantly with the first push of the starter button… It arrived right before we got 6″ of snow… On my first use I cleared the entire driveways, entry walkways and sidewalks for 7 of my close neighbors… Several of them came out and told me how impressed they were with how fast and how far the snow blew out as I cleared their drives… two asked for me to send them the link from where I purchased mine so it impressed me too as to all the compliments this blower received on it’s first use yesterday right out of the box… Also I might note that the 7 neighbors I cleared as well as my own drive, walk and entry took 2 full hours and it used the full 3 quart tank of gas and ran out of fuel as I was parking it back inside my garage… I was especially impressed with only having used 3 quarts… For the price this baby was the best I researched and my wife and I are very happy with this purchase…

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    Wow! Most definitely e wasn’t expecting the power of this to be on par with a 2 stage commercial. But it is. Wet heavy snow? Wouldn’t have guessed. Lighter show? Hopefully the neighbor’s won’t mind it all. Pro Tip* use some wd-40 to spray the shoot, thrower blade and thrower blade housing. Enjpuy and marvel as it throws wet heavy snow literally 30′ or more. Or watch and lookout for upset neighbors if you decide to bury their home with normal to patially heavy snow and more importantly Proplyene Glycol works as well in a pinch but must be applied more often. 5 stars hidden gem of a snow blower. Still a few years after purchase it throws like the day I bought her and she starts with 2 pumps on the primer and with ease. You will be happy with it. Take it from a northern Michigan born and bred. Florida to me was Detroit in Feb. Lol

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